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Awesome performance

You have a very nice understanding of dynamic music. This song kept me hooked until the end because you always came up with new things, using strings and small abss gestures in the process. It's wonderfully performed and I don't find any reason this shouldn't get a full score, thank you!

JojotheJester responds:

Thank you very much!

A really inspiring piece

To be honest I know nothing about music theory overall, I only know what fits good together, and apparently sir, you do too. I find the track very entertaining to the end, and you found ways to create dynamic into it (the solo in the end). I don't know if this sounds typically castlevania:ish though, maybe for an upcoming game?
anyways I really like it and the performance is flawless. 9/10, 5/5

Skitchstudio responds:

Ultimately, I don't mind if my listeners are keen on details on Music Theory. At the end of the day, what matters is whether they enjoy listening to my music or not, so thank you for your compliments, and I hope I can get some more tracks up sooner than later. :)

Repetative, but cool

It's a nice track as long as mysterious gets you, but the song quickly gets repetative and doesn't contain any breaks or so for other influences, which I think would get you even further, it's all about dynamics! :D , also the drums stays the same through the whole song, i would like to see some drum-fills here and there.
also the song sounds kind of empty sometimes, maybe some strings in the background would lift it up as a whole? pretty good melody here though.
5/50, 3/5

Too static, but really nice melodies

Strong performance I must say, And I will do as you say, judge the song based on composition and not the instruments used, because the FL Slayer really is an earsore :D

I think you Have made a really good job with melodies and the dramatic feeling.
I have a slight problem with the drums though, they stay the same throughout the whole song, and I can hear the basedrum's "ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta" endlessly. I think you should try and make this song more dynamical in tempo and at some point skip certain instruments and just play the melody, or something like that, even battles have their ceases you know. I won't let the instruments or production keep the score down, so I say 4/5 7/10 as i see it has potential

Darkmaster603 responds:

Hehe, you caught me, I messed up on the drums. I can't write drums at all, and I thought it would sound fine. But my crappy computer wouldn't play it, so I had no idea what this song would sound like. Also, I really am sorry about the FL slayer, My recording computer broke down.

So I completely reworked this song, and I'm recording my guitar on the new laptop, so the realy version will be MUCH better, I promise!

thanks for the review and criticism though!

Great performance, a bit repetative

I see that one of my predecessors already pointed this out, but you need a break somewhere in the song. The melody is really nice, but just by alternating the backingtrack to it doesn't leave me inspired to listen to the whole song. Try to find a refrain or something that the song can alternate into or out of. I like the overall song though, 4/5, 7/10

Darkmaster603 responds:

Yea, I'm working on making the breaks in this song. The problem is it looses it's momentum with teh breaks, so I'm trying my hardest to fix this!

thanks for the review and help.

Like two different worlds?

I don't know why I'm hesistant to the tune in this song, I just don't FULLY like the guitars along with the trumpet-orchestral sound, i think the main melody could be drawn out alot more. I mostly liked the drums, but then had a second thought in the end where a snaredrum just kept playing over and over, Try to give the drums more variety in certain parts of the song, and alternate the velocity of them.
Even though I give so much critique, this is a definite 4/5, 7/10!

giftedbuttwisted responds:

Well it's ska which is punk with trumpet. Thanks for the constructive criticism, it's much appreciated XP

Like half warm milk, in a good way!

When I first heard the guitars in the beginning I thought for myself: "Oh golly, somebody finally made a metal remix of this song, and now i'm in for a ride", and after the intro that was over 1 minute an addition of some drums and a variation of the bass and a synthmelody was the reward. I think you could make this song much more majestic and even your own. Try throwing in some mean lead-guitars and even a solo here or there. I also found the drums way too lenient in this song, try boosting them up as the otehr instruments dominates them really hard. Nothing wrong with the performance though, I loved to hear this piece again, keep up the music, man!

you made this your own

I really like the personal touch you laid to this song. I don't know if it's my speakers though, but sometimes the bass gets way too high. I would also like to have heard this song with more majestic drums which really packed some punch, but overall it's greately performed, 4/5 9/10

Great performance

This certainly got me pumped into trying this boss! I really like what you're doing with the acid sound. Somewhere in the song there were some really high frequencies that were kinda bad towards my ears, and the segment where they were didn't fit into the song as a whole, as it sounded more.. happy instead of boss-heavy. Despite this, a really great track, keep the good sound flowing :D

Very cool performance

What instruments did you use while making this? The harmony in the beginning is very beautiful, also I think you've caught the essence of the song. I would add a little bit more variety to the drums though, like a fill here and there, And maybe try to go all out with the 8 bit and do some crazy arpeggios here and there, because the song didn't leave me inspired all the way through. Even though I give this critiscism, I really like it!

pheel responds:

Oh please I appreciate the criticism. Gives me something to work on.
There are only 3 plugins used in the song:
and Hypercanvas.

Obviously there are a few different channels with each one in each with a different sound.

I appreciate the constructive review :)
Thank you.

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