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A bit unpolished, but some good basic ideas

The biggest uncertanity in this song are the drums which doesn't evolve at all during the progress of the song. I would like to see more fills than just a crash-cymbal playing from time to time, and if you really want to go nuts with the 8-bit Idea, delve deeper into tweakbench's tools and use some Toad, or do own drums using white noise available in the 3xOsc (if you're using Fruity Loops).

About the melody, you definitely has something going on over here, but I would take it one step further and add mean 8bit arpeggios here and there to make it sound more dynamic, and also add a section with a different comp, because as it is now it sounds pretty repetative. I can see you have some good ideas in this song though, and I was able to listen to it numerous times making this review. Have fun making music!

Awesome first try!

The Melodic Piano needs to come to the front alot more in certain places, or maybe it's meant to gradually appear from nothingness? I think you did a lovely first try at the waltz genre though! I've never tried it, but I might someday. I'd advice you to adjust the dynamics of the bassnotes of the piano also to make it sound less static and more flowing, overall a neat piece which makes me want to take the closest girl up to a dance of waltz =)

Darkmaster603 responds:

heh, thanks! I agree, it needs work, but I just had to make the deadline! I probably should have worked more on this but like I said, I've been pulling the weight on these games, so it's taken most of my time lol. I'll have to redo this piece then, seems like this just doesn't give it justice.

thanks for the review!


Pretty good job with the melody and feeling in this, i feel that you use the crash cymbal a little bit too much though, tone it down some in the revised version and this will be swell =)

Darkmaster603 responds:

Yes, I agree. This was made with my crappy 512 mb ram 40 gb hdd 2002 stock computer. I had no idea what it would sound like but I hoped for the ebst lol. The redone version will be done soon with my new music laptop!

thanks for the review!

A bit lacking, but accurate

Do I sense a FL slayer? the guitar sounds too muffled for a leadguitar in my opinion, also it goes off to some dangerously high frequensies at times.
The drums also sound a bit static, you should experiment more with them and try to add dynamics to them by alternating them once in a while.

This being said, i think it's a pretty good cover, just skip the FL Slayer and i'll be back for more :D

pheel responds:

Slayer has a very distinct sound doesn't it :)
Please if you can provide me with some better guitar sounds I would really appreciate it.

Thanks for reviewing :)

Solid performance, brings me back!

Mark of the wolves instantly brought me here, it's one of the best fightinggames I ever tried to be honest. My main character was Rock Howard! Oh how the opponent feared my qcb+D -> 360+c ->A+C (break) -> Shining knuckle.
Solid performance I must say, I would have liked to see the drums evolve a little bit more though

Takes me back!

I'm also using Edirol orchestra but last week I went over to East West Quantum Leap Symphony Orchestra, a choice I'm glad I made, but when I hear what you've accomplished with Edirol I feel i misjudged it a little, this is splendidly done!

Zorathan responds:

I know, it does take a while to get used to the Edirol HQ Orchestral plugin. It just takes a little work, i'm pretty sure with a little more practice you'll be great at it! (just don't forget to add the french horn, it makes it a LOT better, trust me!)

Straight A's mah boy!

You have a great sense for music, you know that? =)
this is the first song ever on newgrounds that has made my
spine shiver, and that in a good way, really GREAT work with everything, from producing to performance

MashedByMachines responds:

Wow thanks alot :) im glad that some people like it ;D

Pretty good, but needs to be produced further

Yeah the sound clips sometimes, which has already been commented on by numerous before me. You have some really good ideas of transition in this song, which would sound much better without the clipping. Other than that I think you could be much more experimenting with the drums, as they sound kinda static and don't evolve too much. As for the start I like it, it's a great Intro. You should really take some time to produce this song some more, Sure, saw sounds sounds really good, but they will only sound great when you learn how to master them =)

mediocre percussion, but still takes me back

My first though is that your percussion lacks dynamic. One way of accomplishing this is to give them a slight reverb and then alternate the velocity for each tone.

Also it's for me very hard to judge remixes with little to none custom content or theme in them. I played this theme on the piano yesterday and i can tell that not much has changed from the version I played. Try to make this song your own!

also sometimes the song sounds empty, then I realised it barely has anything that can be called Bass, which I think would be a great asset to the song.

Even though I judge it pretty harshly, I still love this song and you did a great job in reviving it in my ears one more time =)

DenVessidence responds:

this isnt a remix

i customized my percussion so it sounded like the game instruments.

i didnt add bass because there is no bass in the song, there is simply the chords and lead.

i didnt try to make it my own that wasnt the goal, i go through these songs and remake them by ear note fo note, thats my goal.

look for my songs that are marked remix in the title those are remixes, this i a simple game version tune, it says it in the description

Really nice, apart from the drums

This is actually a quite solid production with one mayor drawback: the drums should be more dynamic, just stopping and putting the same drumloop on over and over doesn't cut it with me, also you're going a little bit haywire with the flanger/phaser at times, but that doesn't affect what I think about the song.
I think you have some really cool melodies in here, but you need to evolve the song one step further, maybe add a section for refrain, because it gets repetative after a while, especially with the drums. I love the sound though, keep making musik, as we say here in sweden ;)!

Bunnymajs responds:

Thanks allot man!
love when ppl really give some feedback and constructive critisism!
i've been tuning my music making skills somewhat further.. so we'll se what comes up next :D

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