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Really cool track, maybe just a bit repetative

Holy Crap you've matured since I last checked in to your work, the detail you are tending to with just the smallest things is what i saw lacked in your music before, but with this piece you have showed that you've improved alot in this field. If I should be picky I don't care at all for the deep bassdrum at times, neither do I have a solution to this problem, maybe it gets a bit repetative/doesn't blend in enough with the rest of the song? maybe try to make it do double hits from time to time? I see this more as a pointer instead of a problem though.

The song IS interesting, it evolves with time and I ESPECIALLY like the melody starting at 3:10 and the following buildup.

Not much to critisize, good job, a really Swell Trance track made with much care and a really cool progression.

8.5/10 / 4/5

good start, but needs evolving!

I think the intro would be cool if you used more effects like phasing and frequency filters, because trance is ALL about the music EVOLVING, constantly.. so maybe skip the drums, use a frequency filter, then when the frequency is at max, introduce the drums, and beef up the melody, and think about that you should almsot ALWAYS ahve some kind of evolving effect/panning/volume in the works, peace out man!

This song is getting there, with some more mixing!

Actually I've been listening ALOT to trance the last couple of weeks, because i've started to go out running on the runningtrack, So I've kind of analyzed what most rance songs have, so I can give a little bit better critic I think.

The first thing I thought when I listened it through the first time is that the song totally lacks a beefy snare or hihat. Almost every trancesong I've listened to in the last two weeks has started the drums off with the basedrum, and soon after the hihat and snaredrums kicks in. I'm reviewing as I'm listening, So i might alter my view. Now I hear you have hihats at least, but they get introduced much too late in my opinion, and they are way to low behind everything else, you should draw up their levels some. I hear you've started to use more fitlers as phasing and also some automated volume, that's really good, but you should use it even more in the song, especially in transitions. I find some transitions in the song really abrupt (like 1:28) , i think it hsould be made more seamless. The beat is really nice though.

Summary: More beefed up effects like high pass filters, phasing, etc, and more beefy drums in the higher frequencies, also more creativity in the drum section would be really nice. I notice you use rhytms alot with the basedrum, but I can't feel that the other drums do the same, maybe because they are mixed to low. Ihope this helped, over and out!

D-Chain responds:

it'll be my pleasure to mix it again yea ;)
And put your critic to the test ofcours!
i know allot of trance tracks start up with bassdrum's and then develop slowly.. but when i do the same, you get tracks from like 10 min's long ?
it IS normal but,...
i dont see the point in there tho.. coz not everyone likes it ;)

Anywayz, ill see what i can do to grand it ;)

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